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Stop By and See Pyxis at VMX 2023!

In just a few days, the Pyxis team will be packing up and making their way to Orlando, Florida for the world’s largest and leading veterinary conference - VMX. VMX 2023 is an opportunity for veterinary professionals to receive continuing education credits, as well as network and learn from other professionals. It’s also an opportunity for businesses to showcase their products to one of the largest veterinary audiences in the world.

Which is exactly why Pyxis will be there. We are excited to announce that Pyxis will be set up on the expo floor of VMX 2023 to debut our newest product: Pyxis Pro. Pyxis Pro is a versatile learning management system (LMS) which lends itself to be an all in one tool for training, onboarding, and continuing education for the veterinary space.

What is Pyxis Pro?

Pyxis Pro allows animal hospitals and clinics to streamline their onboarding and training processes, saving time and costs. This LMS is unlike any other, as it caters directly to the veterinary industry, focusing on needs specific to veterinary hospitals, clinics, and offices. Pyxis Pro is tailored to every organization and allows for customized training, as well as progress tracking and reporting.

See Pyxis Pro in Action!

The Pyxis team will be conducting live demos of the Pyxis Pro platform, and allowing attendees to experience it themselves with our iPad demo stations. Attendees will also be able to experience 360º virtual reality videos of veterinary procedures through an Oculus headset.

If you’re attending VMX 2023, make sure to stop by Booth #3142 on the Expo Floor and see Pyxis Pro in action! You’ll also have the opportunity to enter to win a new Oculus headset to take home.

For more information about Pyxis Pro or to schedule a meeting at VMX 2023, contact us today.

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