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The New Exero Vet is Here

Updated: Feb 4, 2023



NEW ORLEANS, LA, October 2018 - The newest version of PYXIS’ flagship mobile app, EXERO VET, is now available for Apple and Android devices. This new version of the app offers expanded capabilities and provides an immensely better user experience.

As EXERO VET expands into a full-service video production platform, the Exero Vet app remains its cornerstone. From downloading and subscribing to video playback, everything in the new version is streamlined. Since EXERO VET launched in early 2017 it has grown and expanded almost entirely on the expressed needs, feedback, and ideas taken directly from the veterinary community.

Over the last year, EXERO VET has gained more and more support from students, faculty members, as well as other industry professionals. Student subscribers have grown as they’ve utilized EXERO VET in their studies.

"If you're a veterinary student who is serious about developing your surgical skills and knowledge, a tool like ExeroVet is absolutely essential."

~Luke Bosse, Auburn University

“I only wish I had accessibility to ExeroVet when I first started veterinary school. The app has become an indispensable tool to me and I intend to carry it with me throughout my career.”

~Elise Barras, Louisiana State University

Statements like these are what propel PYXIS to further develop and expand EXERO VET. New features include a cosmetic overhaul, improved search functions and results, full finger scroll capability, a focus chart for those with adjustable VR headsets, adjustable playback resolution, and much more. New videos are continually being added to the database as well. The next batch will include a number of suture patterns for the left-handed veterinarians of the world.

The new app marks the beginning of the next phase of the expansion of the EXERO VET service. A new companion website is soon to follow, which will allow subscribers to view videos on non-mobile platforms such as laptop and desktop computers.

EXERO VET is the first affordable, full service, veterinary medical video resource for schools, practices, and other institutions that puts the school in the driver's seat. For more information on EXERO VET and what it offers, visit

PYXIS is a Virtual Reality Development company committed to creating positive VR content and products for practical application in charity, training, and education. The EXERO VET app is available now for select Apple and Android mobile devices.


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