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Pyxis Pro FAQs

What is an LMS? An LMS (learn management system) is a digital platform that allows you to structure, assign, distribute, and track learning materials. Our platform also helps you create materials when needed.

What if I don’t have any training materials? That’s OK! The system is designed so that as you set up your account, you will see a complete picture of your onboarding and training process. Inevetibally, you will see gaps in your materials (it happens to everyone). At this point, you can visit our content library to see if we have anything that might meet your needs, OR you can begin the process of creating your own.

At my practice, we do things a particular way. I cannot use other people’s training materials. Will Pyxis Pro still work for me? You bet it will! Pyxis Pro was initially designed to house your own materials, so it is very good at doing that.

Is there a “best order” for setting up my account? Yes! You really can’t go wrong, but we find that starting in a particular order can really save you time. In fact, we have a whole Quick Start” guide to help get you started.

How long will it take to set up my account? That’s a tricky question to answer without knowing the specifics of your practice. You might have all of your materials ready to go, or you might be starting from scratch. You might have 1 location and 10 employees or 100 locations and 2000 employees. With that said, everyone should be able to achieve minimum functionality after spending a few hours a day for 2-3 days. Those with less to start with may accomplish this in even less in only a few hours.

Is there a specific practice size that Pyxis Pro is best for? No, not really. For large practices, Pyxis Pro will help keep you organized and allow you to ensure employees receive the same high-quality training. Smaller practices will find that Pyxis Pro can help take the pressure off staff when training a new person. Everyone will benefit from the ability to assign new pieces of training throughout the year.

What is Exero Vet? To us, Exero Vet is our firstborn and still our precious baby. For you, it is the premier 360-degree video database in veterinary medicine. You can access this database using the Exero Vet tab within Pyxis Pro, on the Exero Vet mobile app, and on the VIN website.

Who owns the content in the Content Library? Unless stated otherwise in the description, we own the originals, but you may edit, retitle, and do what you want with it. However, we ask you not to try to sell it.

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