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We know that training new employees can be time-intensive and costly to clinics, veterinary offices, and animal hospitals. Not only do managers have to pay new employees that are being trained, you must remove one of your best employees from doing their job in order to train. Unfortunately some fields like vet technicians, have a higher turnover rate than others, making training more costly.


Pyxis saw this problem and knew there was a cost-effective training solution waiting to be developed - so we did. The Pyxis Training Platform is designed to streamline and cut costs on the new employee training process for employers. Designed custom to your hospital or clinic, including logos and colors, this app will revolutionize the way you train.


Create, Organize, and Store Training Materials

The Pyxis Training Platform centralizes readings, quizzes, and videos. readings and quizzes to be uploaded for training employees to review and take. Animal hospitals looking to standardize their training process can team up with Pyxis to produce custom training videos for new employees to watch on the app. Clients must supply their own reading materials, but we’re happy to pair you with a consultant to create these materials if needed!


Training Tracks and Tracking

The app features include training tracks which ensure each trainee is accessing the correct material for their position. Trainers are also able to assign new tracks to employees as their responsibility load increases. During training, a completion bar is visible to employees and employers to determine how far along in the readings and quizzes they are. 

Admin User Panel

Available to select users, the admin user panel allows for checking or reseting the status of each user, assigning new user accounts to new hires, creating and editing training materials, and assigning tracks to users. Admins are able to set a certain percentage to be required in order to pass the quizzes, as well as generate a log to show the employee’s training completion. 


Dedicated Virtual Reality Companion App

Through the Pyxis Training Platform, trainees can play all videos traditionally on the main app, as well as play virtual reality videos in a Google Cardboard headset via the mobile companion app, Exero Vet.


What’s Included?

Through the Pyxis Training Platform comes a three-year contract that includes:

  • One Week (Monday-Friday) of filming at your clinic or hospital in Year 1

  • 12 Users (1 Admin, 11 Standard Users)

  • Accounts can be reset and redistributed

  • Eight Exero Vet yearly licenses ($3,600 value)

  • 24/7 Email Support


We’re not just limited to the veterinary industry. If your business could benefit from the Pyxis Training Platform, contact us today!

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