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Pyxis specializes in training, onboarding, and education by leveraging new technologies such as virtual reality and cutting-edge mobile apps. We believe that new tech should empower us, not hinder our progress. For this to be true new tech must be accessible and affordable. 


This is exemplified in our newest platform, the Pyxis Pro learning management system (LMS). We got tired of seeing how much time was wasted training to use existing learning management systems, which is really just training to learn how to train. So, we built an LMS that is intuitive to use and easy to get started with. This easy-to-use platform is designed to be used by real humans.


Our learning management system (LMS) is built to support the training and onboarding of veterinary practices of all sizes. We have packages built to serve the needs of small one-hospital businesses to 200+ location corporate practices. Streamline your onboarding and training while controlling the cost all on one simple-to-use platform.



Nearly everything we do at Pyxis has a VR element. We shoot high-quality 360-degree videos that have been used for tours, training, education, and just plain fun! We also are known for creating engaging virtual reality booths at conventions and tradeshows. Nothing gathers a crowd quite like a VR booth. Additionally, we supply custom-branded VR headsets to use for training and conference handouts.  



Our world-famous 360-degree video platform is the first affordable, full-service veterinary medical video resource for schools, practices, and other institutions. Our 300+ video database has everything you need to get through vet school and beyond. 



Pyxis was founded in 2016 by Jared Stanton when his wife Amy, a vet student at the time, asked him to create virtual reality videos that she could use to prepare for surgeries.

After co-owners, Jared & Michael, presented their fledgling product, Exero Vet, at eight different vet schools, they knew they could help more.

By 2021 Pyxis had gained a reputation for their commitment to education and training for vet students, and it only made sense that owners of a few private practices approached them. These owners saw how Pyxis could streamline complex technology and pressed the company to solve the money burn that is onboarding, training, and CE. In 2023 Pyxis brought Pyxis Pro to market. This easy-to-use learning management platform is designed to save practices time and money by making training and onboarding as easy as tying your shoes.


Throughout its history, Pyxis has found ways to use virtual reality to help and give back. We have partnered with charities by creating one-of-a-kind VR experiences to be used by the people they serve, and we have also set up VR booths at fundraising events. 


Additionally, we have provided 360-degree tours of corporate offices and giant industrial sites. When it comes to VR, we believe the limit is your imagination, and that’s why we say, “Imagine Everything.” 

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