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The only learning management system designed with veterinary medicine and practices in mind

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We know that training new employees can be time-intensive and costly to clinics, veterinary offices, and animal hospitals. Not only do managers have to pay new employees that are being trained, you must remove one of your best employees from doing their job in order to train. Unfortunately some fields like vet technicians, have a higher turnover rate than others, making training more costly.

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Create, Organize, and Store Training Materials

Pyxis Pro centralizes readings, quizzes, and videos to be uploaded for employees in training to review and for managers to monitor their progress via tracks, lessons, and a progress tracker. Learn more about all available features.

Options for All Types of Vet Med Practices

Pyxis Pro pricing structure is designed to work for small, single hospital practices, as well as large franchised hospitals. Get more info on Pyxis Pro pricing.


Custom Virtual Reality Training Videos

It's proven time and time again that people learn better and retain more when taught through video. Pyxis takes it up a notch with virtual reality videos that allow users to experience what they are learning. Pyxis offers the ability to create custom VR videos for your animal hospital or veterinary practice.


Virtual Reality Device

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