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Your Training Sucks.

It's OK - you're not alone. Most veterinary hospitals and practices do not have training materials, procedures, or processes. This means, all training is done differently by whoever gets volunteered to train the new employee. Pyxis Pro streamlines onboarding and training by allowing you to create the training materials specific to your practice and building out modules, lessons, and tracks. Assign these to your employees and track their progress as they work their way through the content. 

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User Roles and Job Titles

Group users into categories based on their job title, making it easier to assign trainings to multiple users at the same time.

Quiz Creation

Users can test their knowledge and validate their training through customizable, easily-created quizzes with multiple choice questions.

Learning Tracks

Pair lessons and individual learning materials to create a group of greater information intended for specific user roles and job titles.​

Readings Library

Supports your text-based learning materials allowing you to directly upload documents and link to materials hosted elsewhere, like Google Drive and Notion.

Lesson Builder

Easily bundle learning materials together to assemble lessons designed to teach specific concepts.

Training Tracker

Check the progress of users as they make their way through their training and at any time, generate a detailed log which documents the progress of their activity.

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