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Dogs, Sheep, and Horses - Oh My! 🐕🐑🐎 New Exero Vet Videos are Coming!

Now that fall is almost here, that means temps are dropping, football is starting, and Exero Vet videos are in post-production! The Exero Vet team had a whirlwind summer traveling all over the country filming new vet med videos at new and old vet schools. We’re hard at work getting our videos edited and ready for you to view - but we wanted to give you a sneak peek at what’s to come!

New Formats

We were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to film a brand new set of canine and ovine necropsy videos. These videos from the University of Tennessee Knoxville are formatted differently than other necropsy videos in the database. These videos are designed to be short and right to the point. We know faculty and staff are busy teaching and students are busy studying, so we wanted to provide shorter, more direct videos that can help viewers get the information they need to know right away.

More General Procedures

Exero Vet also has more ophthalmology videos coming out this year, which will give our database an expanded set of general procedures like subconjunctival enucleation and eyelid laceration.

Advanced Videos

What we are most excited about, are our most advanced videos yet. These canine physical exam videos are highly-produced and blend anatomy and the actual exam by using the power of the entire Pyxis production and post-production teams. These videos will be a great asset to all vet students, especially first years.

Contact Exero Vet

We’re very excited to be adding dozens of new videos to the database - but there’s always room for more! If you’re interested in having vet med surgery, procedure, and instructional videos for FREE at your vet school, contact Pyxis for more info.

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