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The Big Update: Part 1

An app update image for Pyxis Pro.
The first major Pyxis Pro update of 2024 is here.

Back in September 2023, we did something we don’t normally care to do: we teased an update that was several months away. Typically, we avoid teasing updates because we don’t like to make users feel like they are being strung along with the promised update, which is the proverbial carrot on the stick. However, in this case, we wanted our loyal users to know that we were listening to them and reacting to meet their needs. Well, friends, the wait is finally over; the first of several major updates is live! 

What’s New With Pyxis Pro

There are several new and exciting things about Pyxis Pro. Let’s explore them all:

Skill Assessments

Our top requested feature, skill assessments, is now live and available to all subscribers! Users can now build practical assessments that new hires will need to demonstrate and have marked complete by a supervisor. These assessments, like all of our content features, can be premade and built into tracks and modules, as well as individually assigned. 

When a user completes their assessment, they can select a supervisor to grade them, and the selected supervisor will receive an email alert for the pending task. 

With the addition of skill assessment, Pyxis Pro offers a complete learning environment including readings, quizzes, and videos. 

Video Linking

Speaking of videos, Pyxis Pro has enabled video linking for all subscription packages. Previously, only Gold subscribers had video access, and it required them to upload their own video content. However, all users now have the ability to pull in video content from sources such as YouTube and Vimeo and insert them directly into modules and tracks. 

Progress Tracking 

Pyxis Pro has added new tracking features to the user progress screen. In addition to the existing ability to track user progress on individual materials, you will now see when users start and finish tracks and modules. We have also added quiz scores and “failed” timestamps so you can see how many times a user has attempted a skill assessment or a quiz. 

General Enhancements

A majority of our updates include user experience fixes and enhancements. We hope that as you use Pyxis Pro, you notice how the great in-app experience is now even better. 

The Best Part

The best part is we are not done. What’s next? Well, as we stated above we don’t like to tease you but we will say that the next two updates will continue to focus on the requests of our amazing users. 


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