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The Big Update Part II

We told you 2024 would be the year of feature-rich updates, and we weren’t kidding. As feedback has poured in, we have done our best to sort through it and give the people what they want. So, let’s not waste any time and dive right into it.

Content Library Revamp

Pyxis Pro was launched as an LMS for practices looking for an easier, more efficient way to organize and distribute their training materials. However, as we grew, we learned that there are a lot of practices out there that don’t have any content. With that in mind, we started to build and grow a library of content that practices could use as a starting point for their own training programs. As our library grew, we quickly realized that our current system for handling our own content was not going to be able to keep up with everything we were adding. That is why you will now see major changes to our content library. 

Welcome to the world of an organized, sortable content library with more content information. Are you curious about what content you might find in one of our modules? Just click on it for a complete description and content manifest. Do you want to know if a reading you are looking at is part of a bigger module? With one click, you can find out where else you might find that reading. 

Be on the lookout for tons of more content. Now that we can effectively display the content we provide, we can resume working on growing the content that we offer. 

Tag You’re It

We’ve heard you loud and clear. You've been asking for a way to tag content for easy sorting and finding. Well, your wish is our command. We've introduced content tags to our content library and will be gradually rolling it out across the platform. Say hello to a more organized and efficient way to manage your training materials. 

Wondering what content is geared toward clinical skills? I guess you could try to read everything we have to offer or… you could use our shiny new tags to do the work for you. 


As our user base continues to grow, so does the number of practices we help that use a third-party learning design tool to create interactive modules in the SCORM format. We’ve always been able to support these modules but now we offer even more support!

In addition to tracking a user's completion of SCORM, Pyxis Pro will now track user’s mid-SCORM progress, allowing them to pause a module and return to it at a later time without having to start over. This opens up our platform to allow for users to create longer more complex SCORM modules. 

Skills Refresher

In our last major update, we released the top requested feature, the ability to perform in-person assessments, which we simply call Skills.

Now that Skills has been out for a bit, we figured it might benefit from some refining. That is why our users on the tablet end will notice bulleted assessment requests. They improved layout will make it easier to understand how many different items are in one assessment. 

Additionally, supervisors can now mark skill assessments as partially complete with the ability to grade them as the trainee completes the individual parts of an assessment.   

The Best is Yet to Come

The Pyxis team is not content with merely growing our user base; we want to grow our user experience. That means that you can expect more updates as the year progresses. Do you want to see Pyxis Pro in action for yourself? Schedule a demo with our team and learn how you can use Pyxis Pro for your facilities.

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