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Pyxis Pro Features

AI Content Brain

Create robust content for your training materials within seconds using our AI-powered content generator. Whether you need step-by-step guides or policies and procedures written, our AI Content Brain can create it for you to review, edit, and publish within your training materials.

Quick and Easy Creation
of Training Documentation

Instant Content Generation

No more waiting. Get complete training modules, step-by-step guides, and thorough procedures within seconds.

Tailored to Your Needs

From elaborate training manuals to concise policy documents, the AI Content Brain adapts to your specific content requirements based on prompt engineering.

Smart Suggestions

Benefit from AI's ability to analyze patterns, ensuring that the content generated matches the learning curves and requirements of your audience.

Centralized Repository

All text-based resources are housed in one place, eliminating the need for users to navigate multiple platforms or folders.

Seamless Integration

Directly insert the AI-generated content into your training materials within the app. Effortless transition from creation to publication.

Flexible Editing

Modify, refine, and personalize the content to fit your brand voice and specific nuances.


Cut down on the hours spent by content creators and curators. Get efficient, high-quality content without the high costs.

Efficient Content Management

Save significant time and effort that would otherwise be spent navigating multiple storage areas or platforms.

Content Library

The Content Library remains robust and organized, ensuring that even vast amounts of readings and materials are easily manageable.

Continuous Learning

As the field evolves and new information becomes available, the library can adapt. New readings can be added, and old ones updated, ensuring the content remains current.

PyxisProTabletMockup - Readings.png

Schedule a Demo

See Pyxis Pro in action! Get a live, customized demo and see how this simplified learning management system can transform your training and onboarding. By attending a 15-minute demo, you receive 1 month of Pyxis Pro for FREE!

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