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Pyxis Pro Features

Content Library

A dynamic space that not only houses but also enhances the value of the content, making the process of creating, storing, and deploying educational materials a breeze.

Quick and Easy Accessibility
to Training Documentation

Diverse Upload Options

Whether materials are saved on your device or hosted on platforms like Google Drive and Notion, you'll experience seamless uploading or linking capabilities.

AI-Powered Content Brain

Artificial intelligence integrations assist in creating readings based on given prompts, ensuring readings are of high quality, structured effectively, and catered to their target audience.

Version Control

Ensures that users always have access to the most up-to-date information and version of a document.

Centralized Repository

All text-based resources are housed in one place, eliminating the need for users to navigate multiple platforms or folders.

Efficient Content Management

Save significant time and effort that would otherwise be spent navigating multiple storage areas or platforms.


As the volume of content grows, the Content Library remains robust and organized, ensuring that even vast amounts of readings and materials are easily manageable.

Seamless Workflow

The integration capabilities of the library with modules and tracks means that educators can create, store, and deploy content in a fluid, interconnected workflow.​


The library's support for multiple formats and sources means educators aren't limited in their choice of materials. They can curate the best content from diverse sources to provide a comprehensive learning experience.

Continuous Learning

As the field evolves and new information becomes available, the library can adapt. New readings can be added, and old ones updated, ensuring the content remains current.

PyxisProTabletMockup - Readings.png

Schedule a Demo

See Pyxis Pro in action! Get a live, customized demo and see how this simplified learning management system can transform your training and onboarding. By attending a 15-minute demo, you receive 1 month of Pyxis Pro for FREE!

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