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Pyxis Pro Features

Module Builder

Curate and combine diverse learning materials into structured lessons, or modules, to ensure a seamless learning experience centered around specific concepts or topics.

Construct Foundational Concepts
and Standardize Training

Personalized Curriculum

Handpick and arrange content, so your practice can ensure training materials are tailored precisely to your specific needs, addressing any unique challenges or focus areas deemed essential.

Adaptive Learning

If there's a gap in understanding or a new topic emerges, easily modify existing modules or create new ones, ensuring the learning material is always relevant and up-to-date.

Consistent Structure

Using the Module Builder, every lesson maintains a uniform structure, making it easier for learners to navigate, reducing cognitive load and enhancing the learning experience.

PyxisProLaptopMockup - Modules.png

Content Aggregation

Pull together various types of learning materials such as videos, documents, and quizzes based to train on a concept. With a simple drag-and-drop interface, assembling a comprehensive lesson becomes intuitive and hassle-free.

Topic-centric Design

Design each module around a central theme or concept. By ensuring each module maintains a tight focus, learners can deeply engage with and master individual topics before moving to the next.

Sequential Arrangement

Determine the order in which materials appear within the module, guiding the learner's journey from introductory concepts to more advanced content, ensuring a logical flow and understanding progression.

Comprehension Evaluation

Bookending your module with quizzes and setting passing score requirements to ensure users not only complete but also comprehend the materials.


Schedule a Demo

See Pyxis Pro in action! Get a live, customized demo and see how this simplified learning management system can transform your training and onboarding. By attending a 15-minute demo, you receive 1 month of Pyxis Pro for FREE!

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