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Pyxis Pro Features

Quiz Creator

Craft quizzes designed to assess understanding and retention of concepts presented in modules. By seamlessly integrating with the learning materials, custom quizzes ensure that users not only engage with the content but also comprehend what they were assigned.

Ensure Competency
and Build Confidence

Intuitive Interface

The Quiz Creator is designed with ease of use in mind. Practices can quickly bundle learning materials and, in tandem, create quizzes that directly relate to the content.

Multiple Choice Questions

An effective and popular method for knowledge testing. These questions can range from simple recall-based items to more complex ones that test understanding and application.

Immediate Feedback

Upon quiz completion, users can receive instant grading on their performance.

Passing Score Requirements

Ensure your employees are fully comprehending the materials by setting required scores to be able to pass and move on to the next reading, video, or module.

Integration with Learning Materials

The quizzes can be embedded directly within modules, offering users an immediate opportunity to test their understanding right after engaging with the content.​


The Quiz Creator can be utilized for a variety of purposes – from simple lesson-end reviews to more comprehensive exams that test understanding of multiple lessons or modules.

Enhanced Retention

Quizzes are proven to improve memory retention. By actively recalling information, users reinforce their learning and are more likely to remember it in the long run.

Evaluating Effectiveness

Educators can quickly gauge the effectiveness of their lessons. If many users struggle with a particular quiz, it might indicate a gap in the lesson that needs addressing.

User Confidence

Successfully completing quizzes boosts users' confidence in their understanding and preparedness, making them more ready to take on the responsibilities of their role.


Schedule a Demo

See Pyxis Pro in action! Get a live, customized demo and see how this simplified learning management system can transform your training and onboarding. By attending a 15-minute demo, you receive 1 month of Pyxis Pro for FREE!

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