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Pyxis Pro Features

User Roles and Job Titles

Administrators or team leads are able to classify users into specific groups depending on their job titles. By segmenting users, the assignment of training modules becomes more streamlined and efficient. 

Tailored to Any
Organization Structure

Pyxis Pro Veterinary LMS

User Categorization

The primary functionality is the categorization of users. By inputting job titles, one can quickly segment users into distinct groups. For example, 'Veterinary Technician', 'Reception', 'Practice Manager', and 'DVM' can each be separate user roles.

Bulk Training Assignment

Once users are sorted into their respective categories, Pyxis Pro lets admins easily assign training modules in batches based their track and role. If, for instance, there's a specific training that all 'Veterinary Technicians' need to undergo, it can be assigned to everyone in that category with a single action.

Customizable User Roles

Beyond the pre-defined categories, there's flexibility to create custom roles or job titles, catering to the unique structures of different organizations.

Hierarchy and Access Levels

Administrators have the ability to assign permission levels, restricting access to users. For example, a 'Practice Manager' might have higher access privileges, such as viewing the progress of all trainees, compared to a 'Veterinary Assistant' who may only view their training progress.

Easy Updates and Re-categorization

If a user changes their role or receives a promotion, their job title category can be updated with ease. This ensures that their training remains relevant to their current position.

Schedule a Demo

See Pyxis Pro in action! Get a live, customized demo and see how this simplified learning management system can transform your training and onboarding. By attending a 15-minute demo, you receive 1 month of Pyxis Pro for FREE!

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