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Updated: Sep 19, 2018


NEW ORLEANS, LA, September 27, 2017 - PYXIS is excited to announce the debut semester of EXERO VET, a mobile Virtual Reality (VR) Veterinary Medical Database “App”, that students, professors, and practicing veterinarians can use as an educational and reference resource. After a soft launch earlier this year, the App is now fully available and already being utilized in multiple universities.

What began as an idea last summer, is now an actual reality. In this line of work distinguishing the actual from the virtual is sometime necessary. After talking to his wife, who at the time was herself a vet student at LSU, Pyxis and Co-Owner Jared Stanton was inspired to create a mobile VR veterinary surgical database.

Fast-forward to the present, and EXERO VET has dozens of videos ranging

anywhere from anatomy dissections to suture patterns, as well as surgical procedures. Collaborating with students and professionals at multiple universities, such as Louisiana State University, Mississippi State University, Lincoln Memorial University, EXERO VET is constantly growing with the end user in mind, evolving to the needs of veterinary students, faculty, and practitioners. It solves several problems presented with traditional videos. The issue of perspective, which is widely noted as the biggest issue for students, is rarely correct when referencing a traditional video, as well as the fixed frame of viewing. EXERO VET allows the user to view a procedure exactly as if they were doing it in real life. For a surgery, the user can watch the procedure, from the eyes of the surgeon, while freely being able to look around the room, as well as utilizing a high definition closeup of the surgical area.

What makes EXERO VET such an effective resource is its versatility, its content, and its low cost and accessibility to the user. Videos can be viewed in VR mode for a fully immersive experience, or in 2D mode for easier studying and reference. All of the content is born with the end user in mind. PYXIS utilizes its relationships with students, faculty, practicing veterinary professionals, and the needs they express to create the content for the app, in order to make EXERO VET as effective as possible. That, coupled with the more affordable pricing, make the app a valuable tool that is available on a device most people carry with them on their person.

EXERO VET was born out of a sincere mission to help the progression of veterinary education, and has since, along with the wonderful collaboration with many Universities, Students, and Veterinarians, expanded beyond its original vision, and is constantly growing. EXERO VET will continue to be first and foremost what Veterinarians need it to be.

PYXIS is a Virtual Reality Development company committed to creating positive VR content and products for practical application in charity, training and education. The EXERO VET app is available now for select Apple and Android mobile devices.


For more information, go to, or email PYXIS at

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