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New Year, New Videos

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Exero Vet, powered by Pyxis, is kicking the new year off the right way by introducing new videos. We understand how important quality videos are to veterinary education and we are committed to bringing you new and exciting videos throughout 2022.

New Videos From A New School

This first batch of videos comes from one of our newest schools, the University of Tennessee, and features our friend Braidee C. Foote, DVM. These videos feature a wide variety of canine and small animal ophthalmology skills and procedures including:

  • Eye Med Application

  • Fluorescein Stain

  • Ophthalmology Exam Anterior Segment

  • Ophthalmology Exam Direct Fundoscopy

  • Ophthalmology Exam Indirect Fundoscopy

  • Retrobulbar Block & Surgical Prep

  • Schirmer Tear Test

  • Tonometry Tonopen

  • Tonometry Tonovet

These videos and so much more can be found now on the Exero Vet mobile application. The Exero Vet mobile application is the easiest way to access high-quality vet-med videos on the go. Explore the entire database here and don’t forget, the entire Exerovet collection of procedure videos is available through VIN. Membership to VIN is free for all veterinary school students, faculty, resident, and interns.

Upgrade Your Teaching Materials Now

Are you wondering what sort of sorcery was used to produce all of this video content for these schools for free? Well, I hate to break it to you but this was a completely magic-free process. Head over to the Exero Vet website to find out how to secure free video content for your school.

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