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Pyxis Honored Among 2022 UNO 25

Updated: Jul 8, 2023


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Pyxis Honored Among 2022 UNO 25

NEW ORLEANS, LA, December 3, 2021 - The University of New Orleans has announced the 2022 honorees of UNO 25, an initiative that identifies, recognizes and celebrates 25 high-impact businesses or organizations that are owned or led by UNO alumni - and we are proud to announce that Pyxis was one of the recognized businesses!

Pyxis founder and New Orleans resident, Jared Stanton, is a graduate of the University of New Orleans. In 2016, Jared graduated from UNO with his Master’s of Fine Arts in Film. Jared was able to use this education and experience to create Pyxis. Additionally, Pyxis had two or more people with connections to UNO on the set of all of its productions completed in 2021. According to Jared, "our hiring of UNO graduates to work on our productions might look more intentional than it actually is. In reality, the people who live in New Orleans and want to work in production pass through the walls of UNO. It's just a fact.”

“The 2022 class of UNO 25 highlights the prodigious influence of graduates of the University of New Orleans,” said President John Nicklow. “Our alumni lead iconic brands and are industry leaders throughout the region in areas including engineering, health care, hospitality, manufacturing, construction, technology, maritime services, finance, education and politics. In many different ways, they help stimulate economic growth and contribute to an enhanced quality of life for those in their communities.”

Pyxis was chosen among 24 other businesses by a committee, chaired by President Nicklow. Jared will be representing Pyxis at a luncheon at The Ritz-Carlton, New Orleans on January 13, 2022 where all businesses of the UNO 25 will be honored.

We are honored to be recognized as an industry leader and desire to continue to grow and make even more of an impact, not just in New Orleans, but nationwide.

Pyxis is a virtual reality development company committed to creating positive VR content and products for practical application in charity, training and education.

For more information, go to, or email Pyxis at


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